ECU's Distribution : June 9th 2024


Greetings, I am Gerald your innkeeper ;)
Here comes the weekly ECU distribution report from the Principality of Bastion.

What's new this week

  • Token Distrib is back online, and worked fin...
  • One delegator fell into inactivity, as he does not even reply do DM's...
  • Think about selling your ECU at correct price to take full advantage of our program, unless you gather them for some MiNaVA NFT, of course... (


Values at sending time


Calculation's data


The powerdown brought 42.212 hives this week!!

  • 10% went to power up entraide.rewards.
  • 90 % were sent to hive-engine ... We could purchase 10.86 ECU at the current price.


ECU's were sent to delegators, you can read more information on our site about waiting period for new joiners and distribution percentages.

We could send 0.13 ECU to the vault. This amount comes from the addition of each delegator share below the cent (0.00XXXXX).
We need your help to elect a new charity program as the previous one seems to be completely inactive now...!!! Until we elect a new charity, that amount will be sent to the bank's vault.


Support Us

Please consider supporting our project, for this, you can :

***Our goal is to grow together ***, we need you to achieve this goal!

For more information about our program, our motivations and our actions, check this post's signature at bottom.

Get some ECU

Easy, you may go buy ECU on hive-engine's Market or you may contact @itharagaian to mint brand new ECU.

Some delegators requested to be excluded from the distribution, others were removed due to inactivity as explained on our website.

We thank those who decided to give away their share, as they help the others to grow faster.
If you also want to help the program and to be removed from the distribution list to offer your share to the other delegators, contact @itharagaian. Thank you !

Gérald Legros, Innkeeper
Entr'Aide R€ward$ - Active citizen of the Principality of Bastion

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To start earning ECU's from us, just delegate as much as you want to @hive-143869

Proud citizens of the Principality of Bastion


Merci tavernier pour la distribution 😀