Reading Suggestions ~ CENT Stabilization Fund ~ Day 286

This is the publication of reading recommendations to finance the hedge fund to stabilize the price of the CENT token at $0.01

We are going to select and vote on 2 daily posts that we find truly interesting for the CENT community.
With this we will support authors so that they continue creating quality content and adding value to the ecosystem.

These are today's picks. Visit them and let them know of their great work.

Bitcoin is up 120% and the crypto market is up $600 billion since November last year, what does that tell about crypto? by @onwugbenuvictor

I know Bitcoin is nowhere close to the previous all-time high at $69k, in fact, it is down by 46.5% from the all-time high to the current price of $37k, also I know that the global crypto market cap was above $3 trillion but is currently around $1.46 trillion at the moment.

Over 80K Hive Power on the liotes.voter account by @liotes

There are now more than 80'000 Hive Power on our Liotes.voter account!

If you want to support the project and benefit from the stabilizer you can delegate your CENT and LEO tokens to @hiro.guita

We know that it will not be easy and that we will not achieve total coverage, but we will contribute our grain of sand. There will no longer be a reason to undersell the token. You can save it and sell it at a fair price here.

New manual curation account for Leofinance and Cent



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