Why leofinance.io should be be rebranded to planet leo ?

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If one looks at the history of leofinance then it is a layer two project built over the hive blockchain that has had its focus on crypto and finance.

However as part of its evolutionary journey it got evolved into a complete defi ecosystem.

One of its latest offering s has been leo threads that has introduced microblogging to the hive platform.

I recently read an announcement post about a rebranding exercise,
The post is inviting users to come up with a new name for leofinance as it diversifies its focus area in terms of content and in a way it opens its doors and arms to every content type and niche.

Would diversifying its focus kill the idea behind leofinance?

Well diversification is the name of the game. Earlier one had to use the lefinance tag for the content to appear under the leofinance.io interface.

However the new edition of the UI shows content that has been posted from other front end and it integrates smoothly into the new UI of leofinance.

Was this rebranding change coming all along?

Leofinance.io has been evolving fast keeping pace with the development of the Web 3.0 world and in a lot of ways it is pioneering and ahead of its times.

How leofinance.io is ahead of its times?

If we look at the conventional Web 2.0 social media then we have different platforms that cater to different formats for example

  • Twitter or X - It is for short form micro blogging
  • Medium is for long format
  • Reddit pages cater to the communities.

Leofinance.io rolls all that into one UI

Leo threads is the twitter or X replacement
Leofinance.io long form posts are a better substitute for medium
The option to create community pages is a good option for reddit pages.
In addition the leofinance.io community creates and publishes crypto and financial content that is of high quality and credible.

How being on hive & leofinance.io is rewarding

If we compare the experience compared to the Web 2.0 platforms spoken above then a point to be noted is that leofinance.io is built over a decentralized hive blockchain.
This implies true freedom of expression.
No central authority or country can delete a users content.
Each user has full control over his content and his account.

being on leofinance.io is rewarding

When a user creates a piece of content it is visible to everyone who is online and accesses the leofinane.io or any other front end of hive.
If a user is making a post that may be micro blogging content or a long form content and if it gets an up vote then the author earns leo as well as hive tokens. The vote value and the rewards earned are in proportion of the leo power and hive power of the voter.

The Leo token is one of the most valuable layer two tokens on the hive blockchain.
Most people on hive make a post and get rewarded after a seven day window based on the the number of upvotes received.

Leofinance.io is doing a lot more than that.
In addition to the rewards generated by a post in the seven day window if the post continues to generate view even beyond the 7 days widow then it can be classified as an ever green post.

Such a post would get page views and the ads displayed on the post would be seen by those reading and viewing the post.

This is one of the many innovative things that leofinance.io is doing.

Leofinance.io proposes to share this revenue with the creator of this post.

This is a super cool feature that an open the doors to life long passive income.

Talking of opening doors leofinance.io has made it super easy from anyone outside hive to create an account using their existing twitter or google accounts.

With all these features leofinance is creating a world of opportunities.

The opportunity is open for all

These opportunities are available to one and all irrespective of where one lives, what language one speaks, religion, cast, creed gender or ethnicity.
Leofinance does no discrimination amongst its members.

It has created a place where all are equal and everyone gets heard.

If such a place existed in the physical world would you like to live there ?

I see no reason why anyone would like to refuse such an opportunity where there is freedom of speech and one also earns crypt in the process of expressing our feeling, emotions and creative talents.

If we were to accommodate everyone on the planet earth it would need a planet as big as earth.
However in the virtual world of blockchains and crypto it is possible.
So I propose the name Planet Leo

It is a planet so big that it can accommodate everyone and here there are no geographical boundaries. You do not need a VISA or a passport to travel here or stay.
Neither do you have to leave your families behind. In fact you are more than welcome to onboard your family and friends and grow within Planet Leo
If you are reading this please do support the DHF proposal of Leofinance that it is putting forward to request funds for a number of marketing and awareness oriented campaigns and initiatives.
Do support by voting on the proposal via any of the links below

Vote for this proposal on peakd

Vote for this proposal on ecency

Vote for this proposal with HiveSigner

Final thoughts

Leofinance.io is not dead instead it is growing and thriving and making enough space in the virtual world both in terms of infrastructure as well as a level playing field for one and all so that the entire planet and any life form beyond it can come onboard and express themselves.

Welcome aboard Planet Leo

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