Hey there, fellow splinterland friends! It's great to see you all and read your awesome posts, I hope you're doing well and feeling awesome! Man, have I been waiting for this moment #REBELLION is just a few days away! The theme for this week's Social Media contest is still "REBELLION" – and let me tell you, I'm hyped!

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We're just a few days away from the big day, December 5th, when we can finally see what surprises the Rebellion cards have in store for us. I've been saving up enough Hive to grab a pack, and I've got plans to buy more as time goes on. I just can't wait to tear open those packs and see what awesome cards I'll get. It's like opening a treasure chest filled with endless possibilities!

I heard they're making the Rebellion packs more limited this time around. Yeah, only 10 million packs up for grabs, and a whopping 500k of those have already been sold in the presale. They're creating some serious hype within the community. I guess when something becomes rare, people are willing to pay anything to get their hands on it. Adds that extra adrenaline rush to the whole experience, you know?

Come December 5th, when the General #REBELLION packs go on sale, the cards we've purchased will be integrated and ready to use in the game. And let me tell you, my friend, I think this is going to be a game-changer. As an OG player like myself, who hasn't bought or grinded for new cards in years, I sometimes feel like I'm lagging behind. But with this new pack, it's our chance to turn the tables and show them what we're made of! It's time to embrace the rebellion and dominate the game!
Playing against folks who already have those new cards can be a real challenge, no doubt. It's like they've got the upper hand right from the start. Even if you come up with the best strategy, it feels like an uphill battle.
I've been geeking out over the sneak peeks too! All those new cards that have been revealed got me super pumped. I've been keeping a close eye on 'em, trying to decide which ones I like the most. It's tough to choose, but I've got two particular favorites that I've got my eyes on!



Is a water element excellent support card with a huge health (9) capacity costs only (6) mana a very good speed (4) and just 1 damage, also healing ability.
It's always strategic and relaxing for me to enter a battle knowing I have a healer who can heal my tanks and won't die from just a single hit, the soothsayer rebellion card is a perfect card to add to your match when facing fierce enemies especially those that focus on melee.

Redwyrm Dragon


Is a rare card one of the flying units in the rebellion packs, also having the immunity feature which makes it an excellent selection against earthquakes and noxious fumes ruleset, with a whopping high class defensive ability packing huge health (11) and armor(6) makes it a perfect card although it has just 2 damage but I believe this is made up for by the immense defensive ability it has, I guess this is why it's one on my favourite in the rebellion pack, it's a well rounded and balanced card for me.

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I'm crossing my fingers that I both get lucky and pack those awesome cards I am eagerly anticipating . I mean, who wouldn't want to have those powerhouses in their deck, right? They could really level up my gameplay and totally change how I strategize and eventually take me to the next level!

The temptation to keep buying packs until we get those dream cards is real! It's like a treasure hunt, and I am determined to find that buried treasure. So let's keep our spirits high, keep on opening those packs, and never give up. I believe our perseverance will pay off, and we'll soon be rocking those epic cards!
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So here's to an exciting future in Splinterlands! Together, we'll conquer the game and show 'em what we're made of! See you next week when we are ready to unveil our awesome cards.