Splinterlands Social Media Challenge - Theme: Tips for Beginners!


Hello everyone excited to be back again, this is going to be my first give post in a while now and hope you are all well and doing alright. The theme for this week's Social media contest is "Tips for beginners" .



Introduction to Splinterlands

Splinterland a card game categorised under the popular Trading Card Game or TCG category which often involves strategy and precision and prior planing to win in each game(sometimes you don't need that when playing with newbies😂).
Games that are ussuallly strategic in nature means you need to carefully plan each cards and what elements you are choosing prior to a fight cause each decision will determine whether you win or loose. In Splinterland there 2 types of cards


As is obvious the summoner card are the ones that will determine the kinds of monsters we can summon for each game.

They are 6 Elements to choose from which include

Before every battle commences you are given options to pick from your available summoners, keep in mind the summoner you pick will determine the types of monsters you can summon which will ultimately determine the flow of the battle
The battle field is strategically lined up where your position one is often the card that gets the most attack so in this position it's usually advisable to go with a good defensive card that can absorb a lot of heat, the second row is ussuallly from position 2 to whatever depending on the mana and number of cards chosen. For ranged attack monsters it's best you put them at the tail end of your selection as they don't function when placed too close to your opponents..
Each battle has a specific mana cap that determines the amount of mana you can spend per battle , each monsters has They are three types of attacks a monster can dish out melee attack, ranged attack and magic attack each attack has more effect depending on what monster it's aiming at.
I believe this should give you a broad overview of splinterland and how everything works


Getting Started

Getting started on splinterland is pretty easy and straight forward . You can set up your account and head straight for battle following this very simple and straightforward steps

  • Setup your hive account after which you head to
  • Head over to Splinterlands setup your account and you should end up here


  • The battle button should be boldly seen as displayed on the screenshot below👇 . Click on it


  • Next display would be a screen asking you to create a team or surrender, select create a team and you will be given an option to select your summoner. Choose your preferred summoner and select monsters within the mana cap you are given



  • Last step after selecting your cards would be to click on the rumble button to begin your battle



Strategy Tips for Beginners:

To win in a trading card game, it's important to have a solid strategy. Here are a few tips:

  1. Study your cards: Get to know your cards inside and out. Knowledge is power and In this case it's everything, to properly startegize you need to know the ins and out and studying your cards will give you an edge cause you will know how to utilize and understand their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. This will help you make smart decisions during gameplay, I personally use cards I am most familiar and knowledgeable about.

  2. Build a balanced deck: The importance of this cannot be overemphasized, you can not put a weak card in position one no matter how strong it's attack is, you will loose rather easily, Create a deck that has a good mix of different types of cards and put them in appropriate positions.

  3. Plan your card: Take your time to plan your cards carefully. Think about the potential outcomes and consider how your opponent might respond. This will help you make strategic plays.

  4. Focus on card synergy: Look for cards that work well together and complement each other's abilities. Building a deck with cards that have strong synergy will give you an advantage in battles.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Keep playing, experimenting with different strategies, and most importantly, have fun and practice!


Early Experience


When I first started out I had no clue what I was doing, I saw this cool Trading card game wanted it and got it that was pretty much it for me, I didn't snoop around hive to find out how to play the game, had no clue there was even a community, just head on got the game and started beating around the bush to see if I can find my way around it. For the first few months I logged in daily to play and that was pretty much it, no idea I could also monetize my gameplay or know the game was so much more than just a game
I joined splinterlands since 2021, I used to average a minimum of 10 games per day when I first started out and I think it costs 10$ back then to set up a splinterland account dont know if that's changed, cause I been away from hive and everything related to it for a long time now to be honest, but I am back now and back for good to stay and impact the community
But untill I went for a long break on the game every day was quite fun in the game, if not for a lot of limitations I probably would have continued and become one of the best and compete for the top spots on the leaderboard, but I am back now relocated to an environment where I have access to all the facilities I need and best of it all I just connected with the splinterland community so all my troubles are really over now,that's all that matters hope you all will see a lot of me around.

Since returning I implemented my first and original battle strategy using the fire elements, I use Tarsa as my summoner and strategically position my most defensive cards in the first position so he can take the most hits


What follows ussuallly for me is another strong defensive card that will potentially take place of the first one just in case, although I made a mistake in my strategy here but it still worked out fine, a ranged attacker and the healer are ussuallly positionwd for effective battle, the healer would replenish the card at the fronts health after each round while the strong melee cards are kept somewhere in the middle for maximum effect.
After about 6 rounds in the rumble I had only lost just one card 😁(is that not amazing?)

I won the battle flawlessly. Here is my battle link ..



Splinterlands truly thrives on its vibrant and supportive community. Engaging with fellow players on forums, joining the ever vibrant Twitter community, and connecting via social media groups is an exceptional way to elevate your gaming experience (I can testify 😅). Not only can you learn invaluable strategies from seasoned players, but you can also seek guidance ask questions where you need clarification and even ask for winning strategies, share your achievements, and partake in thrilling community events that bring everyone together.
I highly encourage all newbies to jump right into these platforms and become an integral part of the incredible Splinterlands community! Get ready for an adventure filled with thrill, excitement, and endless fun



Splinterlands is an absolute blast, and if you want to maximize your rewards, here's what you can do. First, set aside some dedicated time to play and immerse yourself in the gameplay. Understanding the rulesets and strategies will give you an edge. But hey, here's a pro tip: community engagement is key! By actively participating in forums and communities, you can ask questions, get amazing tips, and find helpful guides on how to play like a champ!

So don't wait any longer, join Splinterlands and dive into the world of earning rewards while having a ton of fun with your awesome monster collection. The battle arena awaits you! Setting up an account by just clicking on this link and unlock all the amazing features of this thrilling blockchain gaming experience. Let's conquer the battleground together!

All images were gotten from splinterland website and rebellion