Are We All Just Perpetual Buyers?

Most of times when you come online to do your research on what coin to buy, you will always see people talk about buying and buying, everyone is always on the bull side, everyone is always longing. But when the price crashes, you start seeing some hypothetical influencers come up and say they sold before it crashed, making them seem like a crypto magician. one of the most popular actions we all know is buying, this is after doing your research of course. When you do your research and decide to take that step, you are expected to buy, when you buy, you are expected to hold, but for how long? Well you dont know.


In crypto, you can buy today, and start being in profit the same day, luckily you bought before the market stated its bull run, meanwhile we have others that bought two months ago and have been at loss through out the moment. This is because, the moment they bought, the market continued dipping and never stopped. One thing about crypto we are sure of is dip, there is no crypto asset without a dip, but a pump is on a 50/50 side. There have never been a coin with an everlasting pump, it will surely experience some dip, but we have seen a lot of coins that have never experienced pump, from the moment they were launched they dipped till there no liquidity any more. So how do you know when to sell?

Your crypto asset that is currently pumping, will not keep pumping, it will come to an over bought zone and start correcting, it does this when the top crypto dogs start selling. When they start doing this and you start losing or your accumulated profit starts reducing, what do you do? You start wishing you sold the top or knew when to sell. This is what the crypto influencers won’t tell, they will only tell you when to buy and not when to sell. This is because we as humans we are greedy, we always want more, even if your crypto asset is at a high profit, we always want to gain more profit by waiting.

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