Ethereum Gas is Low

I was so excited to see the ethereum GWEI at 1 today, felt so good even though I had no crypto transaction to do, it still felt nice because if you have been hunting airdrop and doing a lot of transactions, you will know how annoying and sad it is to do transactions when the gas fee GWEI is high. This means that you have to spend more money doing some crypto tasks that might or might not be worth it. So most times I try to complete a task or do some transactions when the gas fee is low. I have done tasks when transaction fees cost over $10 and it didn’t feel nice for instance, I spent over $6 claiming an airdrop from DOP that was worth $10 which felt sad because it ended up being a waste of time and money. If only this was the period I had to claim it I would have spent way less to claim and not feel the sad feeling of wasting my time and money.

Well, I don’t have much to say but tell you that the Ethereum GWEI is very low and if you would like to make any transactions, this is the best time to make those transactions, best time to bridge, best time to claim, best time to mint, best time swap. One of the reasons the GWEI is low is because, everyone is touching grass, the whole crypto market is dipping and everyone is trying to reconnect back to their reality, this has reduced how much people are paying for gas making the GWEI go low. So yeah, there it is, gas fee is low, go and do some transactions at a cheaper price.

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