It’s Unethical But Legal

Have you ever thought of unethical ways to make money, but they are legal. I haven’t, I am not really an evil genius, but recently I came across two unethical ways to make money but legal. Unethical ways are ways that are not morally good, for instance, lying to someone, not lies that are illegal but lies that can hurt some one’s feeling when they find out it’s a lie. Lots of people do this, but you wouldn’t know because the truth didn’t get exposed.


A lady posted about a content writing competition online, and said the winner goes home with $20,000. She gave details on eligible requirements to participate in the competition, one is writing a good essay with specific number of words, being proficient in English and having a bank account from a specific bank because that’s where they get their prize money sent. She then proceeded to paste a referral link to participants, who have to use the link register an account in the bank. Lots of people out there are desperate and will participate in this competition because, it’s $20,000 and it’s an essay writing, it’s easy to do. There is no arm in registering an account, besides outside the competition they can still use the account.

But there is a catch, there is no competition and there is no $20,000 prize money, the organiser of the fake competition just wanted people to register with her referral link because for every referral she gets a referral bonus worth $20. She has made a post for a competition that is free entry, they don’t know it’s fake and because they think it’s real, they are enthusiastic and see participating to be free. Such competition with such prize, means more people will apply to try their luck. This means that the more people applied, the more money she made because they were using her referral code. If 1,000 people applied she would have made $20,000 from it.

Is what she did legal, yeah, it’s completely not illegal, but is it ethical, no it’s not. Because she just lied to people, if she had pasted her referral link no one would have cared to register, but she had to lie, which was completely unethical. At the end of the day, she got her referral bonus, the applicants for the competition got a new bank account which they opened, but they got their hopes crushed when no one got the prize money and later found out they were deceived and lied to for referral bonus.

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