The Future Of Money Safe

The evolution of money has grown from being so big to move to being as simple as a pen drive. Just like the computer system, remember how big computers used to be in the past, so big but could run little tasks, I once saw a picture of how big a 1 MB Data computer was, but today, 1 GB storage card can get lost in your wallet. Same with money right now, if you wanted to move $100k worth of 100 years ago, you will require enough logistic because $100k worth of gold is plenty. If you wanted to move $1 Million from one point to another, you would require enough logistic to do that.


Some people don’t feel safe leaving their money in the bank, because when your money is in a bank, you don’t have control over your money. So many things could happen, we have seen and heard of banks that collapsed over the years, this is why lots of people decided to look for other means to store their wealth, some store their wealth in jewelries and precious metals, some store their wealth in arts, some build money safes in their houses and store their wealth there. They invest so much money building the safe because that is where they keep their money and all their valuables.

Today it is different, people are storing their money in something as small as a pen drive, which is the ledger cold storage. You can store up to $1 Billion worth of crypto asset in it, and have in your pocket and move around with it and no one will know. You can buy a small safe and store inside in your house and no one know. People don’t have to worry about using large space to store their wealth any money. That’s how the world has evolved with money safe.

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