The Market Climbs The Wall Of Worry

Today the bitcoin price is $36k lots of people are excited and some people are not, because they were waiting for the price of bitcoin to go down. Remember when bitcoin got to $20k, some people started waiting for the price to get to $15k before they buy because most of us want to buy at lower low and sell at higher highs. This is why it’s advisable to Dollar cost average because you never know when the market will pump or when the market will dump.


Few moments ago I just checked the coin I have been contemplating on buying for so long, only to find out it’s pumped 100% from the last time I checked. Now I have to pay more money to get what I could have paid for less if I had bought few weeks ago. But it doesn’t matter because it’s all a game of the mind which is the act of worrying. Most people don’t want to buy bitcoin because they missed the chance of buying bitcoin at $15k, $10k, so they feel bad that buying at $36k means they will get less compared to buying at $15k. Forgetting that this won’t matter when the price of bitcoin gets to $100k or $150k, because at that time people will be wishing they had bought bitcoin at $35k.

Right now the market is looking like it’s heading towards the higher lows and higher high perspective now, when you see a low and you are waiting for it to go lower so you can have a lower low, the market goes high, now you wish you had bought it when you last so the price at that level. Now I am going to start DCA the coin I have been contemplating on buying. The more you are worrying on if the market will go lower or higher, the more the market is doing its thing. You either get happy the market went down the price you want to buy it, or get sad the market pumped leaving you to pay more money.

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