Inn We Go


Out and about for away with the wife, we didn't have enough money to cover for a motel on our debt card. It was a tough situation, we were boiling hot in our car with no ac for hours upon hours, and I needed to come up with a solution fast. That's when the idea hit me, why not try using Travala to book a motel with crypto??
I hesitated at first,. Spending crypto on a motel felt like a risky move. I didn't want to end up like the guy who spent 10, 000 bitcoins on a pizza. But we were desperate, and I had to take a chance.
So we made our way to the McDonalds to use their free wifi, my mind raced with thoughts. What if the transaction didn't go through? What if we ended up stranded on the side of the road with nowhere to stay? well it wouldn't be the first time we got stranded, but this time it was super hot outside.
But I pushed those doubts aside and decided to give it a shot. I logged onto the Travala site and searched for available rooms in the area. To my relief there was lots available, even the fancy Benmiller Inn and Spa, and I thought oh wow, I always wanted to stay there, but I always thought I would never have enough money to stay in a place like that, I looked at the price and it was 0.53 solana, so I selected the room, entered my crypto wallet information and hit confirm. Within minutes, we had a reservation and than I said to the wife lets go the Benmiller Inn and Spa, she was soo exited, she said, you never take me anywhere fancy, this is a big change!
So we drove down there and I went to the front desk of the Inn and I said to the front desk lady, I just booked a room about 20 minutes ago. And she responded with "let me check the bookings here, nope your not booked for tonight, your booked in for next week"
My jaw dropped to the ground, what how could this be? ahh, I learnt a valuable lesson, when booking always check if its the right date that you want, because there is no refunds with Travala/
Luckily I still had just enough Solana to do another transaction, I had to do like ten trades first before I had enough, there goes all my Solana! The lady at the front desk let me use the wifi there to do all the transactions, I got to sit in a lovely chair there to do that.
It took me about five minutes and bam our Inn was booked!

And then I got to go get the wife out of the car and bring her to our cozy Four Diamond CAA rated Inn, as we walked into this charming establishment, it was a sight to behold.

It has a very lovely door, the wife added.

We managed to peak into the ivey dining room and lounge. It had a very nice bar.

an elegant fireplace, it would be an amazing place to have a seat and chill out for a bit

It looked soo neat in there

The staircase was crazy that wound in circles throughout the building added to the charm, leading us on a merry dance as we explored the nooks and crannies of the Inn on our way up to our room

Even the halls were going around in circles

Finally we made it to our room, it was very classy!!

After we got settled in, we decided to go get something to eat and then eat in our room. Then I told the wife I was going to go outside for a bit to walk around in the nature, so I walked through the crazy staircase to go downstairs, they seemed to beckon, inviting me to explore further and uncover the mysteries of the Inn.
I finally got outside, the trees were full of leaves.

A nice little place to sit.

Then I made it to the millstream, the gentle sound of the water flowing over the rocks filled my ears.

Then I made it to the pond.

And now it is time to sleep, a dream turned into a reality!! I never thought I would see this day.


Greetings @shaunf ,

So happy for you and your good lady...enjoyed your well-written story.

Good thinking! ^__^