Let's Go Downtown


Oh wow, as soon as I got home from work yesterday at 1PM, I feel asleep all day and all night and woke up in the AM, I even missed doing my beautiful sunday post!! I decided I needed to get out and about, after all there is finally some money in the bank today.
I went outside and I saw Mr. Squirrel eating a piece of bread and I thought to myself, "thats a great idea I need some food!'

As I walked towards downtown Sarnia on a sunny AM, the warmth of the sun enveloped me, making me feel alive. The streets were pretty empty, I saw a tiny bit of people going about their day.
I passed by quaint shops and cafes, I was tempted to go to Backhome Cafe, but I decided last moment not to go in, after all I have already been there before. I could smell the freshly brewed coffee and baked goods wafting through the air everywhere I walked, ahh. The sun glinted off the windows of buildings, creating a dazzling display of light and shadow.
Finally I arrived at the Cromwell Grill and I thought to myself "yep, I have lived in this city for over a year and I haven't been here, so I walked in and sat down.
I could feel my stomach growling in anticipation and the waitress came over and gave me some water and offered me some coffee, so I accepted and grabbed a cup of Joe, and looked at the menu. The choice were all so tempting, but I decided to go with the fried egg sandwich.
When my food arrived, I dug in eagerly savoring every bit, some of the egg ended up falling in my coffee, oh well it's all going to end up in the same place, so I downed my coffee. The food was rich and flavorful.
As I finished my meal, I felt a sense of contentment wash over me. The combo of good food, coffee and sunshine had lifted my spirits and rejuvenated me. Today been been a good day so far.

After that I took a nice little stroll to the river and looked at Port Huron, I thought to myself I need to get my passport renewed soon, all this time being here so close to the USA and haven't gone, I could be going on so many more cool adventures if I had my passport.

Then I went to Uptown Variety, I was tempted to buy some crypto, but there is so many things I need to get, I need to get a beard trimmer, my facial hair is getting out of control, I think I will wait till thursday to buy some crypto, maybee by then the price of crypto will dip, so I can buy at a cheaper rate.
So I ended up just buying a cheap lottery ticket from there.