NBA Season Starts Today


I am pretty excited, I didn't follow the NBA much last season because all the chaos in my life, but things are starting to get back to normal, whatever normal is.
So I joined Sorare, it seems pretty rad so far, I started a NBA team on there, hopefully I can improve my team a lot.
I have Damian Lillard, Laurri Markkanan, Mikal Bridges, Gary Trent Jr and Cam Thomas right now.
You can join and play with me, here is the link

I am still learning lots about Sorare, I just joined yesterday, I guess it has been around for a while, it is a fantasy sport cryptocurrency game on Ethereum.
I will probably be placing a bet or two on Betfury on tonights games with the Denver Nuggets Vs The Los Angeles Lakers and The Golden State Warriors and The Phoenix Suns. I like Betfury more than Rollbit

Is anyone else looking forward to the NBA season? Any predictions? Who will win the NBA Championship? Rookie Of The Year? MVP favourite??