Nevermind When-s The Lambo


Here is where is when is the car with a heater, another day here in Kanada, 3 days into spring and we got a snow blizzard, driving around in my car sucked, the wife wanted to get some groceries, nothing better than driving around with frozen hands, where is the global warming??

I ended up buying some beer though on our trip so I guess it was worth it, I was going to to a beer saturday post about about it, but maybee I will tag that hashtag anyways, but life has been too unpredictable lately, I couldn't guarantee I would get around to it, so I bought some Snakebite city from Refined Fool, the art work on it is awesome, it was pretty potent, not quite like old ole, but it was seven point five and filled with pears, so it tasted pretty good

it got me listening to some old classic cad punk rock BFG's music, I had a rockin good time