Run For The Border

After work this Easter Sunday, I found myself driving down to Camalchie for a job interview at Sawmill Creek Golf and Country Club, the sun was casting a warm glow over the lush greenery that was lined the lined road, it was a lot better than when I was at work around ten AM there was a bit of snow, but not enough to stay on the ground.
As I approached the entrance to the club, I couldn't help but be struck by the elegance of the place. The manicured lawns, the grand clubhouse, and the pristine golf course all spoke of luxury and sophistication.
I parked my rusty beat up car and made my way to the pro shop.
The interview went pretty good, the guy who interviewed me knew some of my job locations and the owners of the locations that I have worked at in the past.
It seemed promising, hopefully I get the job, I find out in one week if I get it, I need more money!
The interview was only twenty minutes long and it was time for me to leave.
As I drove away from Sawmill Creek I looked back at elegant clubhouse disappearing in the rearview mirror, perhaps my life would never be the same again. Maybee the mystery of Sawmill Creek Golf and Country Club had just begun.

I forgot my coffee at work, so I stopped back there to pick it up for my drive to Sarnia, I had to make a run for the border, thinking of that had me thinking of Taco Bell, my mind became filled with thoughts of mouth-watering tacos and burritos that awaited me at the end of my journey, I thought it would be a nice Easter surprise to bring home lots of Tacos for me and the wife.
Finally I made it to Taco Bell and got lots of food and drove home with it.
The wife and I enjoyed our Taco Bell feast in blissful happiness, grateful for the love and joy that filled our hearts. Hopefully there will be more Taco Bell Easters to come.

Now I put on some baseball on the computer, the wife is like not baseball Shaun, it is soo boring, I would rather watch paint dry!!

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Tacos and Easter sounds like a strange combination but any good tacos are good reason to enjoy.
I wish Taco bell will come back here.